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Lighting, Switches & Outlet Installation in Independence

Electrician Installing outlet at home

Do you need a few more lights, switches, or electrical outlets in your home or business? With an increasing prevalence of small appliances, cell phones, tablets, computers, laptops, home security systems, and voice-activated devices, many homes quickly run out of outlets. Thankfully, a professional electrician in Independence can help upgrade your home by installing additional electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and wall switches.

Lighting Installation Installation of lightnings

Do you need additional lighting fixtures in your kitchen or bathroom or need to upgrade your fixtures? Our father and daughter team at Independence Electrical & Plumbing can get the job done and ensure your satisfaction. We do this by talking with you about your lighting issues, the type of lighting you’d like, whether traditional or recessed, and the overall look you’d like for your lighting fixture. Then, we’ll install the additional wires and electrical boxes and install the appropriate fixture for your needs.

Switch Installation

Switches help you turn off and on ceiling lights, fans, and other built-in electrical items in your home. When you install a new light fixture, it’s a good idea to wire it to an existing switch or install a new switch in order to control the light. Additionally, you can opt to install a switch/outlet combo, switch can provide you with an extra outlet without taking up any additional space on your walls. Our father/daughter team in Independence can help you determine whether you just need new switches or if you’d benefit from upgrading to an outlet/switch combo.

Outlet Installation Electrician using screw to install an outlet at home

Our Independence electricians at Independence Electrical & Plumbing can install outlets in homes and businesses. To install a new outlet, a hole is cut into your wall. Then, electrical wires are run to the news outlet’s location. Finally, an electrical box is inserted into the wall and the wires are connected to the outlet. While this may seem like an easy DIY task, it’s not a good idea to do your own wiring, unless you have professional experience. Installing the outlet wrong could increase your fire risk, and if the power to the wires isn’t turned off, it can result in an electrical shock. For these reasons, we recommend using our professional electricians for all your outlet installation needs.

Electrical Installations When Installed

Here at Independence Electrical & Plumbing, serving Independence, we can handle all your small and big wiring jobs. Whether you need one new outlet or all new outlets and switches in your new addition, our father/daughter team can handle the job. We’ve installed standard electrical outlets and switches, outlets for large appliances, like dryers and hot tubs, and all types of interior and exterior lights. We also provide remodeling electrical services and electrical service panel upgrades. Our experience and attention to detail mean that you’ll love your new switches, outlets, and/or lights, and they’ll be safe to operate for years. We can even accommodate your particular tastes when it comes to choosing the right outlet and switching colors and the perfect lighting fixtures for your home or business.

Why Choose Independence Electrical & Plumbing

Our father/daughter team has been providing plumbing and electrical services for 43 years. We are a family-owned business that serves Northeast Ohio, and we are one of the few businesses that hold both electrical and plumbing licenses. If you need electrical work performed in your home or business, we can get the job done right.

To call us to inquire about electrical services or for a plumbing emergency, give us a call at 216-789-7544.

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