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Electrical Installation in Independence

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Do you need electrical installation services in Independence? Our experienced father/daughter team offers residential and commercial electrical installation services, including new outlets, switches, electrical panels, solar panels, and electrical system upgrades for remodels. We have more than four decades of experience, and we’re ready to tackle all your small and large electrical jobs.

Types of Electrical Installations

Electricity is essential for powering appliances, electronics, lights, HVAC systems, and machinery. In order to ensure your residential or commercial electrical system is safe and durable, it’s always best to hire a professional electrician.

Residential Electrical Work

We provide residential electrical installation work for homes, apartments, and condos. Electricity is essential for small and large appliances, electronics, lights, sound systems, and home security systems. Rather than overload an outlet, let our professional electricians install outlets and power switches where you need them. If you’re performing a home remodel, we can install all the components to add electricity to your new or existing space.

Commercial Electrical Work

If you need commercial electrical installation for your business, our experienced team can handle the job. We perform electrical installations for malls, retail outlets, fast-food establishments, and venues. Whether you need additional lighting, another outlet for a new piece of equipment, or complete electrical remodel, our father/daughter team can get the job done on time and without causing a major disruption to your business.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Electrical Installations

It’s important to always hire a professional electrician to handle all your wiring and outlet and switch installation needs and to always make sure that the electrician is properly licensed, bonded, and experienced. This is to ensure that your residential or commercial electrical system is safely and correctly installed and safe to use for the long term. Professional electricians can also examine your current system and electrical panel to make sure it can safely handle additional loads. If it cannot, a new panel and/or new circuits can be installed so that your system is the right size for your needs.

Additional Electrical Installation Services We Offer in Independence, OH

In addition to residential and commercial installation work, we can also perform small and medium-sized electrical installations, including:

  • Adding additional 110V outlets
  • Charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Electrician installing solar panel system Complete home theater wiring, speaker, outlet, and switch installation
  • Extra lighting for your porch or deck
  • Indoor and outdoor electrical wire rooting
  • Installation of security cameras and exterior lights
  • Installation of solar panel systems
  • Installation of standard and video doorbells
  • Installing 220V volt outlets for large appliances and hot tubs
  • Kitchen appliance installation, including range hoods
  • No job is too small or too big

Professional & Experienced Team in Independence

When you need a professional and experienced electrical team, look no further than Independence Electrical & Plumbing. We install all types of commercial and residential electrical systems safely and effectively. To learn more, give us a call at 216-789-7544.

emergency call - 6am-6pm